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We provide blast medium cleaning services for any surface using soda an environmentally friendly water soluble product which is soft enough to clean the surface but not etch or damage the underlying product.

The system from Soda Blast Systems is the best cost and time effective process in the paint removal industry plus its environmentally ECO friendly.

Our Soda Blast van uses food grade, non-polluting baking soda to safely remove paint, dirt, rust, grease and virtually any surface contaminate without damaging wiring, rubber seals, gel coat, , glass fibre, plastic molding, surrounding gaskets and other components.

Soda Blasting will safely remove and clean multi-layered surfaces down to the surface if required without any damaging chemicals and usually without stripping down. Soda is a revolutionary way to clean, its non toxic does not produce any heat or sparks and is a natural rust inhibitor. ___________________________________________________________________________________________

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"My bike parts look like new now but have kept their original condition cast marks etc.."